Bells & Bells since it’s inception has successfully completed many construction projects of a broad ranging scope and size.

Project:Construction of 20low cost house in Chirundu
Client: Zambian Government
Scope: Main Contractor
Status: Under construction

Project: Construction of lime and cement plant. Limeco Resources Ltd.
Client: WHBO
Scope: Sub-Contractor, Contractor of main stores structural. Building, Heavy Duty & Engineering offices
Status: Under construction

Project: Rehabilitation of urban and township roads Kapiri-Mposhi & Central Province
Client: Asphalt Roads
Scope: Sub-Contractor
Status: Complete

Project: Bombay drainage
CP8: Relocation of water and sewer lines on CP8 -4,5 to 10.
Client: CMC di Ravenna
Scope: Sub-Contractor
Status: Under construction


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