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Two partners…forward-thinking innovators and entrepreneurs…Mulenga Kachelo and Stephanie Phiri together started a small building & hardware business in 2007 that flourished through a hard-earned reputation for quality and dedication to excellence. That same spirit has endured as our core guiding principal as we grow our business, from our earliest roots, we’re builders. Talk to us today, and you’ll experience not only those core values but also a  company that’s continuously evolving and changing the building industry  status quo.

Loyalty, stability and trust are the pillars at the heart of our continuing success. Passion, commitment, experience and integrity are a central part of every project we deliver. Learn more about what it’s like to build with us.


Board of Directors


The founder and managing director of Bells & Bells Suppliers Limited. Mulenga sets the strategy and goals for Bells & Bells and directs the organisation’s growth through acquisition of new clients and oversees day to day business operations to ensure profitable operation and continued growth. He previously worked as an engineer for ZESCO and various telecom firms and contractors for over 10 years before founding Bells & Bells in 2007.


A Civil Engineer by profession with a Masters Degree. He has worked in the profession for several organisations in Zambia and Botswana. He serves an independent director and consultant for Bells & Bells.


An Economist by profession with a Master of Science in Financial Economics. He has experience in the financial services industry having worked for Bank of Zambia and ZCCM Investments Holdings previously. He also previously served on the boards of Ndola Lime Company Limited and Chambeshi Metals Plc.


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